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ACP909 is an art studio that, similar to an assembly line, brings together heterogeneous elements to produce coherent finished products.

Created by alex chaney during the winter of 1994/95, acp909 studio officially  appeared on the art market in the spring of 2000 by joining the gallery art generation for four years then all art access gallery in 2007/08, then co-gallery in 2019. The gallery died due to covid-19 in winter 2020.


Alex chaney was born in 1969.  He studied art at paris xv followed by fashion at studio berçot and by 1989, co-launched m&m's («moche & merveilles») with olivier degorce.

Alex chaney left m&m's in december 1999 focussing on acp909 studio.




(on-going series) could be a pictural movement born to satisfy our craving for images that is nurture by social media and constant scrolling. Here, it is a series of images filled with friendly colourful elements floating and structured in a dreamy-like etsy-esque manner. Each one of the 21 images works like an uplifting quote in the "nude" version while in the "censored" version the slogan is a reminder of an addictive behavior.

The "nude" version of course, should be more expensive than the "censored" one.




is not talking to our rational side but on the contrary to a collective conscious and seek some reactions to afloat from our layers of subconscious.

Thus said, the familiar verbatim put in motion here, in such a chaotic cut and paste manner, challenge our grounded self in looking for a sane meaning. There is none.

The over-use of lost and found images echo our thrust for imagery, but a dedication is needed to enter a state of poetic reverie or wonder why all these eyes are looking at us for example. Aren’t we supposed to look at the work not the other way around?

This work is a hard look into almost two years of pandemic lockdown, alone and isolate. It was painful but mandatory to execute.



ongoing series - march/april 2020 fabric, thread and elastic

this project emanated directly from the events of the 2020 pandemic. it speaks of inequality versus equality, sustainability versus disposable. the project started when we realized they were not enough surgical masks for everybody, I choose to create masks that could be reusable infinitely in the every day life but instead of landing a mass production, I created them in a neatly bespoke way to emphasize the difference of social class. by making then unique with hand sewn parts which takes a lot of time, it points out that one can not afford to have such masks, as it will required to change one’s mask every day, wash it, tumble dry it and them steam press it. this require money and time, something the masses don’t have. [Edit: by the time this project was originated, europe was facing a masks crisis. we had give stocks to china by the end of 2019 and lockdown made impossible for mass production. then lockdown in europe made almost impossible for civilians to make their own mask. now that the production of disposable mask is steady, we are facing social-economical and environmental issues. average household with kids is facing a 200 euros per month budget in masks when those items took 400 years to decompose when dispose in nature (and everything ends in the see.)] the colorful choice of fabric and the different places they are originated from; Africa - France - United States - Japan as well as the different types of pattern used here are speaking volumes of our uniqueness as a human being and our different cultural background. the project underlined that art/artists are always useful to society, or at least should they try to do so. you can wear art. it doesn’t dispense you from practicing social distancing.



DADA French Regular

this is a project I started in 2006 and finalised in 2018. The idea was to create a typeface called Dada French Regular which substitute each letters of an azerty keyboard by a word.

for example:

B = BON b = BIEN alt+B = BIZARRE alt+b = BOUC


then, by typing a short phrase with Dada French regular, you’ll end up with a DADA poem.

the best use of it will be to create a live performance where anybody could come with a phrase in mind and will be off with it’s own poem.